Woodland Halloween activities

Spooky beech tree (photo Ken Leslie/WTPL)
Wooo! Spot spooky trees on your next woodland wander (Photo: Ken Leslie/WTPL)

It’s Halloween this weekend and what better way to celebrate it than a walk in the deep, dark woods? Eeek! Why not try some of our Halloween-themed activities while you’re there?

Halloween activities

Make your own witch’s broom

Find a long, strong stick to make the handle. Then collect a bundle of shorter, thin twigs. Attach them to the end of the handle by wrapping some strong string around them and tying it tightly.

Find some spooky tree faces

Some people believe that trees have spirits living inside them. Look at the tree trunks very carefully to see if you can spot any faces, especially scary ones!

Tree Face WTPL Danielle Wesley
Spooky tree face (Photo: D Wesley/

Make your own spooky tree faces

How about making some tree faces yourself to give other people a scare as they wander through the woods? Find some nice, gooey mud and slap a big splodge on a tree trunk. Then collect some woodland items, such as seeds, twigs, moss and acorns, to give it eyes, a nose, mouth and hair. 

Go for a woodland walk

If you want to really spook yourself, go for a walk just as it starts to get dark! You could even dress up in your Halloween costumes.

  • Listen for owls hooting, or make some eerie owl sounds yourself.
  • Watch out for bats flitting across the moonlit sky – find some fascinating bat facts on our blog.
  • Look for a spooky tree silhouette and take a picture.

Make sure your night stroll is safe though. Always go with an adult; choose a woodland route you know well so you don’t get lost; and make sure you have good torches and spare batteries.

Check out our Activities section for some other Halloween-themed things to do, such as the terrifying twig skeleton and delightful dark art.

Create your own magic potion

Take along a plastic cup or bottle and half fill it with water. As you wander through the woods, add things that catch your eye – some crumbled dry leaves, squashed blackberries, pine needles, a feather…  (Don’t add any mushrooms or other fungi though, as they may be poisonous so you shouldn’t touch them!). Give your potion a good stir with a stick, find a special spot in the wood and say a spell or make a wish as you pour it on the ground.

Woodland Potions Michelle
Wonderful woodland potions
(Photo: Michelle/WTML)

Did you know…?

Some trees were believed to have magical properties, or have scary stories attached to them:

  • the elm was often used for making coffins and gallows to hang criminals
  • ash and hazel are said to protect against evil spirits
  • blackthorn was believed to be used for making witches’ wands
  • the rowan tree can fight evil because of its red berries

Are you planning any fun adventures this Halloween? What are your favourite spooky adventures or activities? Tell us in the comments below.

Do you have a favourite Halloween activity?

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