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How to apply

Our start-up grant can help your local community to reconnect with nature and come together to enjoy trees and woods.

Before you apply

Before you can apply for the start-up grant, please read through the information below about who can apply and how to submit your application. The closing date for applications is 3 October 2016.


Can my group apply for a community woodland grant?

At this time, you are only eligible for our grants if your community group is based in the following counties: Cumbria, Northumberland, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside, GTR Manchester, Tyne & Wear, County Durham and Teeside.

Which organisations are eligible for funding?

Parish and community councils, charities and trusts, statutory bodies, companies limited by guarantee and community interest companies can make applications for both the start-up grant and community support fund.

Community, friends of or volunteers are also can also apply for the start-up grant, but are not eligible for the woodland support fund.

What do the grants cover?

The start-up grant can help you cover the costs involved with establishing new woodland groups including hiring equipment and venues, travel, training, fundraising activities, publicity and costs of formal incorporation.

The woodland project support fund can be used to help your community purchase land, pay for contractors, management planning, insurance fees, training events as well as costs of publicity, travel and equipment.

Is there anything the grants won’t cover?

As a charity we are only able to support activity that directly delivers our cause and as a result there are a few things we cannot distribute grant funding for. 

How much can we apply for?

Eligible communities can receive up to £1,000 per group via the start up fund and up to £10,000 per group for the woodland project support fund.

What does my community group need before applying?

Before you apply, you must be able to submit a constitution, have a separate bank account in your group’s name and have support from at least three unrelated people.

If you are interested in applying for the woodland project support fund, you must be able to submit your group’s governance documents as proof of incorporation, and where working with partners, be able to supply any partnership agreements or letters of support.

What does my group need to do after receiving the grant?

You will be required to show how you have spent the funding and will need to submit project reports at certain times during the project. The frequency and timings are dependent on the type of grant you have received. Collecting this information helps us both improve the scheme and share our progress with our generous funders.

How do I apply?

We strongly recommend that you contact our Community Woodland Officer before applying for a grant. The Community Woodland Officer can help check your group is eligible before you complete any application forms.

Awarded community groups will be asked to sign terms and conditions of grant prior to payment.

To apply, please download, print and complete the application forms below and post them to:

Community Woodland Officer
Kempton way
NG31 6LL

Alternatively you can email the Community Woodland Officer on

Download the Start-up Grant help notes (PDF, 460KB)

Download the Start-up Grant application form (PDF, 472KB)

Download the Woodland Support Grant help notes (PDF, 392KB)

Download the Woodland Support Grant application form (PDF, 901KB)