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Kett's Oak (photo Ancient Tree Hunt website)

Kett's Oak, near Norwich, is where Robert Kett led an uprising in 1549 (Photo: Ancient Tree Hunt)

Help secure the future of England's Trees of National Special Interest.

What’s happening now?

A significant step towards achieving better recognition for our nationally important trees was the recent formation of an ‘All-Party Parliamentary Group on Ancient Woodland and Veteran trees’. This APPG has now been officially established in Parliament, and the need to value and celebrate our ‘V.I.Trees’ will be part of its future work.

Since the referendum in 2016 Whitehall has seen some changes in personnel. We have requested a meeting with the new Forestry minister, Dr Therese Coffey, and continue to include our call for a V.I.Tree register in our policy work.

You can help

A national register would help the owners and custodians of these special trees recognise their value and importance. By encouraging owners to seek professional advice in how best to look after them, it could also influence a change in management to safeguard their future. We would also like owners of trees on a national register to have priority for funding to help with their care.

But the most important reason for a register is to celebrate these incredible and much-loved natural treasures. They should be recognised as the living monuments they are!

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