ACT NOW - Celebrate and protect the UK's Very Important Trees

Elephant tree (photo Ted Green/WTPL)

The UK’s Trees of Special National Interest have shared a unique bond with people, nature and the landscape for centuries. Imagine the stories they could tell!

We call these trees Very Important Trees (‘V.I.Trees’). They are living monuments which continue to make an important contribution to our culture and history as well as our landscapes.

But that’s not properly recognised. They’re not even fully protected from development! Battlefields and stately homes have more protection than our oldest and most special trees.

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Planning and forestry are devolved matters, so V.I.Trees need help in each country across the UK:

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Why do V.I.Trees need better protection?

Ancient tree (photo Ted Green/WTPL).

Trees of National Special Interest are undervalued and face many risks.

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What are Trees of National Special Interest?

People hugging an ancient tree (photo Chris Marsh/WTPL).

There are several attributes which define nationally important trees.

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Meet some very special trees

Discoed yew

Discover some of the UK's oldest, grandest and most extraordinary Trees of National Special Interest.

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