ACT NOW - Celebrate and protect the UK's Very Important Trees

Elephant tree (photo Ted Green/WTPL)

An official register will classify, celebrate and protect the UK's nationally important and best-loved trees.

Our oldest trees are natural miracles. These majestic specimens can live for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years and support an incredible amount of wildlife. They share a unique bond with people, nature and the landscape, and are a vital part of our history and heritage. Imagine the amazing stories they could tell!

These are our Very Important Trees (V.I.Trees), better known as Trees of National Special Interest.

These living monuments make an important contribution to the nation which needs to be officially recognised and protected, just as our historic buildings are.

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Planning and forestry are devolved matters across the UK so there needs to be a list or register in each nation.

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What are Trees of National Special Interest?

People hugging an ancient tree (photo Chris Marsh/WTPL).

There are several attributes which define nationally important trees.

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