UPDATE - Wales is better with trees

Will you support our campaign to make Wales better with trees? (Photo: WTML)

Tens of thousands of people in Wales’ cities, towns and villages benefit every day from having trees near to where they live. But many also lose out, especially those who live in areas with little tree cover or who have no woodland they can visit nearby.

Make Wales better with trees infographic map
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We want everyone to benefit from trees where they live, so we’re working to encourage local authorities around Wales to plant more trees near to communities, and to persuade the Welsh Government to support them in doing this.

Thank you for signing our petition!

We will be handing it to the Petitions Committee at the Senedd on 26 January 2016. Watch out for our blog.

Case study: How trees boosted the economy in one Welsh town

Wrexham’s trees save the local economy more than £1.3m every year by:

  • Intercepting 27 million litres of rainfall from entering the drainage system, the equivalent of saving £460,000 in sewerage charges
  • Absorbing 1,329 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  • Improving health by removing 60 tonnes of air pollution, saving the health services £700,000

Our 'trees in towns' report illustrates how trees in urban areas can help reduce flooding, and improve air and water quality.

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