Cwm Nant Lleici quarry taking the low road?

Ancient woodland in the Cwm Du Glen under threat from quarry road (Photo: C Matts/WTML)

Cwm Nant Lleici quarry is surrounded by swathes of beautiful ancient woodland and SSSI-designated land. While the area is alive with precious and valuable habitat there is a threat that could lead to part of its destruction.

Aggregate Industries Ltd has submitted plans aimed at ending on-going disputes they’re having over access for the current road to the quarry.

So what’s the score?

Unfortunately they believe it easier to save time and money by constructing a new road through a scenic valley containing an irreplaceable ancient woodland that would be cut in two.

The current access road to the quarry was constructed 20 years ago just within the boundary of the Gwrhyd Meadows SSSI and is still perfectly serviceable. It seems as though the environment here has faced enough destruction from one road, never mind the ill effects of another.

The Trust has now submitted a response to the most recent consultation of the planning application. Thank you to all those that have also provided their comments to the council. We’ll be keeping an eye on the situation for now as we await the next stage of the planning process and will make sure to keep you updated!

For more information about the proposal read our Q&A.

Update: : The applicants have continued to put their proposed plans on hold for the foreseeable future. We are hoping that alternative options are being fully explored at this time.

Thank you to everyone who took action and objected. We hope for a sensible conclusion involving the current access road.