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Campaigners at Smithy Wood - Copyright Credit Sheffield Photography

Smithy Wood near Chapeltown on the outskirts of Sheffield has appeared on maps for hundreds of years.

Once much larger than it appears today, it existed for many years as coppiced woodland, carefully looked after to provide timber for nearby homes and businesses.

Initially split in four by the construction of the M1 in the 1960s, throughout the years it has survived mining, electricity cable encroachment and even a fairly extensive fire.

The proposal

A developer has put forward a planning application to build a motorway service area in the middle of Smithy Wood. Comprising a hotel, shops and a parking area, around 20 acres of the woodland would be cut down.

We are not against the provision of a new service station, but we do not agree that ancient woodland is an appropriate place to build it.

Nat Johnson

Nat Johnson - Sheffield musician

"To build on this beautiful ancient woodland when a better alternative is available would be a terrible shame. Please support the Woodland Trust's campaign to protect this land for the birds and other wildlife that call it home, as well as the people who can go there to enjoy it."

If you have objected already and want to do so again, please make clear that you are maintaining your existing objection. We expect the planning committee to make a decision on 28 March.

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Protesters at Smithy Wood near Sheffield
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