The Climate Coalition - Show The Love

Snowdrop flowers emerging from the woodland floor in spring

How will a changing climate affect early-flowering plants like snowdrops? (Photo: Phil Formby / WTML)

We are a member of The Climate Coalition, a group of over a hundred organisations dedicated to limiting the impact of climate change on the people, places and life we love.

Show the love this February

For Valentine’s Day we’ll be turning hearts green to show the love for everything we care for that’s under threat from climate change, from fluttering butterflies to walks in ancient woods.

This year, for the first two weeks of February, we'll be showing the love for our plants and wildlife by recording signs of spring to help track the effects of climate change. We want you to let us know what you’ve seen and how early spring is emerging. Your sightings will be used together with our long-term citizen science project Nature’s Calendar.

Come back in February to let us know what spring signs you’ve spotted. Look out for queen wasps, frogspawn, lawn mowing, blackthorn flowers, hazel catkins, snowdrops, lesser celandine flowers, peacock butterflies, nesting blue tits and blackbird nests. You'll be able to use our online form to record them, or download a worksheet to take with you on your travels.

Until then, you can find out more about the show the love campaign at