UPDATE - Save Forestry Commission Scotland

Thousands of you spoke up for Forestry Commission Scotland (Photo: WTML)

Proposed changes to the Forestry Commission Scotland could put our precious woods and trees at risk.

The Scottish Government intends to do away with the specialist agency dedicated to our forests, woods and trees and turn it into just another division of the civil service.

The plans are part of the full devolution of responsibility for Scottish forestry to the Scottish Government. We want to see the loose ends of devolution tidied up. But there’s no reason to lose an asset like the Forestry Commission in the process.

Scotland’s woods and trees should be protected and supported by a stand-alone specialist forestry body, staffed by trained, professional foresters - just as they are today.

Thank you!

We set up a petition against the proposals and encouraged as many people as possible to respond to the consultation which closed on 9 November. Our petition gathered more than 4,000 signatures, with over a thousand people leaving personal messages for the Scottish Government. With your help, we were able to discuss our concerns directly with key decision-makers, including the Cabinet Secretary of the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee, Fergus Ewing.

The Government is expected to announce the results of the consultation next year.

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