UPDATE - Save Raithwaite Plantation

Raithwaite Plantation (Photo: WTML)

Raithwaite Plantation, just a couple of miles to the west of Whitby, is ancient woodland.

Within touching distance of the coast, it is full of ash, poplar, field maple, honeysuckle and bluebells. It’s also home to an array of important wildlife, such as linnets and bullfinches, both of which are most likely breeding on site

More than four hectares of ancient woodland threatened

For centuries this woodland, much in a steep sloping valley, has survived management and in parts planting by non-native conifers. What is being proposed now though trumps all previous intrusion.

Now developers want to place holiday lodges, a restaurant and other infrastructure next to and within this woodland. More than four hectares of irreplaceable ancient woodland are threatened.

Update: Thank you to all our supporters who got involved and submitted their objections to these harmful proposals. We will continue to keep you updated on the situation and progression of the application.

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