Newport set to lose ancient woodland

Ancient woodland at Coed Kernow is under threat (Photo: WTML)

Road building to address traffic congestion concerns is nothing new. It’s been attempted the world over. But with each new road comes an environmental impact.

The proposed M4 relief road near Newport is no different. In fact it’s worse than most; three ancient woods face loss or damage.

The Welsh Government recently released the Environmental Statement for the scheme, detailing its impact and that three ancient woods are at risk.

  • Just over 1ha of an ancient oak and ash woodland at Berryhill Farm, Coedkernew, would be destroyed
  • Part of an ancient wood at Pwll Diwaelod would also be lost
  • A haul route to Ifton Quarry, while using an existing track would require ancient woodland to be cleared alongside it

We think this is unacceptable.

Update: We expect the public inquiry to begin proceedings from March 2017. The Trust is preparing its own evidence in anticipation of appearing in defence of the five threatened ancient woodlands.

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