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Root trees into the London Plan

The new London Plan will shape how the capital evolves and develops over coming years. The Mayor, Sadiq Khan, will be using a holistic approach to ensure it includes the needs, health and wellbeing of all Londoners. The impacts will be seen in your community as well as across the City as all the London Boroughs’ plans must match this central framework.

Trees, woodland, 'green infrastructure' and natural solutions will definitely have an important role to play.

Stand up for London's trees

In our response to the consultation, the Woodland Trust will set out the key things we want to see included in the London Plan and suggest updates to some of the proposals it contains. We hope as many Londoners engage as possible. More than 30,000 Woodland Trust members and supporters are based across London – collectively we could provide a voice for trees and woods that can’t be ignored. 

It’s especially important that the Mayor sees public support for policies that propose more tree planting and protect woods and trees, which can be considered as “restrictions” on development.

As well as the more obvious wildlife benefits trees and woods bring to our towns and cities, there’s a wealth of evidence that they can also improve:
• physical and mental health
• air quality
• water quality
• water management (e.g. by reducing flooding)
• shading and cooling

All Londoners are being asked for their views.

The consultation is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who voiced their opinion on the London Plan. We will let you know the outcome of the consultation as soon as we know more.