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ACT NOW - Local Development Plans in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland deserves a productive, resilient landscape and everyone should be able to relax in beautiful, natural places. Trees and woods help provide all this!

Nature can work alongside development. But wherever you live, there will be some places that are just too special to lose. Equally, there may be places which could become valuable green space with careful management. And areas of existing development that could be improved by trees and vegetation.

Your Local Development Plan

A Local Development Plan (LDP) sets out the council’s distinctive vision for a particular Local Authority area. It describes the policy framework and land use proposals needed to implement the Regional Development Strategy and to guide development decisions.

Your LDP should reflect what local people feel to be important in the area, to ensure the right planning decisions can be made to protect and enhance it. The LDP should identify areas that might support new infrastructure (such as housing), as well as places that should be protected for the benefit of residents and future generations.

Your contribution is very important to the plan-making process

The wide benefits trees and woods provide, and the challenges they face, must be understood and included in public policy.

Each draft LDP should be accompanied by public consultation (details should be on the council’s website). In your response, consider how the themes relate to the trees and woods - or those places that could be improved by trees and woods - in your local area.

Find out more and read our top tips (PDF, 400KB)