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Your wildlife needs you: Join the People's Walk for Wildlife

Show your concern for the loss of our wildlife by joining us at the 'People's Walk for Wildlife' on Saturday 22 September.

Our wildlife is in trouble

The UK’s woods and trees are full of opportunities for people, but their natural wealth is the wildlife. Yet the UK is experiencing serious rates of decline. We’ve seen devastating wildlife losses first hand, especially over recent years. So we’re joining the first ever 'People's Walk for Wildlife' on Saturday 22 September.

We’ll be there with hundreds of organisations, scientists, campaign groups, academics and enthusiasts from across the conservation sector will be there too. Will you come with us?

Walk with us

Wildlife is crucial for strong, healthy woods and trees that can tackle diseases and handle uncertain seasons. Some important species act as ecosystem engineers, while pollinators and seed dispersers help create new life. Other species recycle nutrients or aerate the soil, keeping woodlands in peak condition.

Trees need wildlife, and wildlife needs us all more than ever. Walk with us.

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