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Woodland with bluebells

Hancock's Bank in Cheshire is one of the many woods threatened by the HS2 route

We are in favour of green transport and not against HS2 in principle.

Climate change is one of the greatest long term threats to woods and trees. However, we believe that any transport system that destroys irreplaceable habitats such as ancient woodland can never truly be called 'green'.

HS2 will cause direct loss and damage to ancient woodland. In some cases the line cuts straight through the centre of a wood, destroying the naturally protected 'core area'. This fragmentation, coupled with the noise, vibration, light disturbance and dust, associated with both the construction of the route and the high speed trains themselves, will have a devastating impact on these unique habitats.

Ancient and veteran trees are also at direct risk from HS2. These trees often stand alone outside of woodland but are habitats in their own right and, like ancient woods, support wildlife that can not survive elsewhere.

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Right now, the biggest single threat from development to ancient woodland is the HS2 rail project.

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We have a collection of resources to help you deal with the impact HS2 will have on trees and ancient woodland.

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Enough is Enough - Protect ancient woodland

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These ancient habitats need proper protection - now. With your help, we can change their fate.

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