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HS2 community resources

Take a look through our downloads to get up to speed with the effects of HS2. It's not just the trees, but the precious surrounding habitats that will be damaged.

High Speed Rail: woods, trees and wildlife. A toolkit for communities

We have produced an updated version of our HS2 community toolkit ahead of Phase 2 of HS2. It contains loads of useful information that we hope will inform you and help shape your own responses to future consultations on Phase 2 of the HS2 route.

The information within helps explain how HS2 will impact on woods and wildlife, what can be done to mitigate and compensate HS2’s environmental damage, and much more.
Download a toolkit (PDF, 3MB)


Environmental Impact Assessment Factsheet

This factsheet explains what an environmental impact assessment (EIA) is, what it entails, why it’s important for HS2, and how you can respond to the EIA as part of the consultation process.
Environmental Impact Assessment Factsheet (PDF, 186KB)

Buffers – An overview factsheet

Buffers are vital component in protecting sensitive habitat from harmful developments. This factsheet helps explain what buffers are, why they are needed and how they function in the landscape.
Buffers – An overview factsheet (PDF, 121KB) 

Buffers design factsheet

Following on from the overview factsheet, the Buffer design factsheet explains how buffers can be designed to fit in with the development and surrounding landscape to achieve maximum benefit for the natural environment and local communities.
Buffers design factsheet (PDF, 87KB)

Compensation and mitigation factsheet

Find out more about how compensation and mitigation measures can be utilised for HS2 and how they work in relation to irreplaceable ancient woodland.
Compensation and mitigation factsheet (PDF, 72KB)

Noise and vibrations factsheet

This factsheet explains noise and vibration in relation to HS2 and how trees and woodland can be used as barriers against these impacts.
Noise and vibrations factsheet (PDF, 84KB)

Translocation factsheet

This factsheet offers an explanation as to what translocation is, how it is undertaken, and its issues and impacts on ancient woodland.
Translocation factsheet (PDF, 100KB)

Restoring ancient woodland factsheet

Find out more about why restoration is necessary, what it entails and how it can be relevant in the context of HS2.
Restoring ancient woodland factsheet (PDF, 127KB)

Tunnels, cuttings and embankments factsheet

Learn about how different landscape designs impact on ancient woodland. This factsheet covers tunnels, cutting and embankments, explaining how these earthworks will be utilised in the construction of HS2.
Tunnels, cuttings and embankments factsheet (PDF, 283KB)

The Lawton Review factsheet

The Lawton Review states that we need to make the network of habitats in our natural environment ‘bigger, better and more joined up’. Find out more detail about ecological networks and their connectivity in this factsheet.
The Lawton Review factsheet (PDF, 110KB)