Support Lottery funding for natural heritage

Devon's spectacular Fingle Woods was funded by HLF (Photo: WTML/Adam Burton)

Trees and woodland are an essential part of our natural heritage. It’s vital they are supported for future generations to enjoy.

Since 1994 the £30 million we’ve received from the players of the National Lottery has been invaluable, helping to kick-start many of our land purchases as well as restoration, planting and engagement activities. 

We’ve received the most support via the Lottery’s ‘Heritage Lottery Fund’ (HLF), enabling us to plan and deliver projects which help protect and restore woods and trees, and help communities uncover and celebrate their natural history.

HLF says:“Since 1994, HLF has distributed £7.8bn to over 40,000 heritage projects – an unparalleled legacy that has transformed neighbourhoods, communities, visitor attractions and people’s lives across the length and breadth of the nation. Your answers will help us shape the future of the UK’s extraordinary heritage.”

HLF currently funds our work on 50,000 hectares of ancient woodland urgently in need of restoration – from the Glens of Scotland to Exmoor at the foot of England, and has recently enabled us to continue with plans to restore and enhance our largest site in England – Smithills Estate.

A new review of HLF’s funding priorities could mean less money for projects like these in the future. 

We know people love our natural heritage, and we need to ensure that this is reflected in the amount of funding awarded. We want HLF to maintain and ideally increase the funding share made available to projects which aim to support and enhance natural heritage.

Given their contribution to nature and people alike, woods and trees must be seen as a vital and valuable part of our natural heritage.

PLEASE show your support for continued funding for natural heritage.

HLF is asking the public for views until 22 March 2018.

The consultation is now closed. Thank you to everyone who voiced their support for continued funding for natural heritage. We will let you know the outcome of the consultation as soon as we know more.


Enough is Enough - Protect ancient woodland

Spring bluebells in woodland

These ancient habitats need proper protection - now. With your help, we can change their fate.

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