ACT NOW - Life’s better with trees: Do election candidates agree?

Aerial view of woodland in foreground reaching to views of intensively ploughed fields

Election fever is rising as voters head towards the polls

We all need trees – do election candidates agree?

A General Election will be held on 8 June.

What do your candidates have planned for your woods and trees?

Woods and trees belong at the heart of the political agenda. They are very relevant, offering practical, cost-effective and long-term solutions to many of the major challenges we’re facing.

Anyone who aspires to represent you has a responsibility to help protect and expand these valuable assets for the future and, if they are elected, can make the most of trees and woods as effective policy tools.

As a woodland conservation charity, we remain entirely non-partisan and politically impartial. We won’t tell you who to vote for, but we will help you to speak up for trees and woods during this important time, and to learn more about candidates plans for the trees and woods near you.

Election resources

Use our leaflet to ask election candidates what they’ll do to stand up for woods and trees if elected.