UPDATE - Brickworth Quarry extensions

Raymond Brown Minerals and Recycling Ltd have submitted an application to Wiltshire Council for extensions to Brickworth Quarry. This quarry is surrounded by ancient woodland, meaning that these extensions will result in the devastation of irreplaceable habitat.

The proposed extensions are split into two separate areas called Area A and Area B.

Eight hectares of Lowdens Copse, the woodland within Area A, will be impacted. In Area B, Goose Eye Copse/Sandland Copse will face impacts to the tune of 13.7 hectares.

These woods are largely conifer and as such are designated as Plantations on Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS). They support a variety of important plants and animals and as such are highly valuable. They must not face any further damage or loss.

On 26 April, Wiltshire Council made the decision to approve the application for extensions to Brickworth Quarry. Sadly, this means over 20 hectares of ancient woodland will be destroyed with numerous animals being displaced as a result including birds, bats, reptiles, and badgers. As you can imagine we are hugely disappointed in the council’s appalling decision to allow these destructive proposals.

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So now we ask you to help us call on Government to recognise the lack of protection for ancient woods and ancient/veteran trees by amending relevant planning policy. Please take part in our campaign.

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