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Wales’ most famous and oldest tree, the Pontfadog oak, sadly fell in 2013 during a storm, after being overlooked by regulators. (Photo: R. McBride)

With your help, planned changes to the tree protection system could make a real difference to our oldest and most important trees.

A safer future for ancient trees in Wales

Ancient Welsh trees are our natural heritage but so far they have been ignored by regulation. The consequences have been devastating. Under a system that respects ancient trees, living monuments like these would still be standing. Thankfully, the special trees we have left could now have a safer future.

Give Wales’ ancient trees hope

A government consultation – Taking forward the sustainable management of natural resources – suggests changes to the Tree Preservation Order system which could give crucial protection measures to ancient and veteran trees for the first time. It also seeks to review a range of regulations, several of which are relevant to trees and woods, which could allow them to play a greater role in future land management systems.

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