Broadleaf competition

Broadleaf competition, Autumn 2017

The autumn Broadleaf competition has now closed. Thank you to everyone who took time to enter.

Congratulations to this issue's winners:

Woodword competition

Correct answer: Predators

J Thoday of Maidenhead wins a £100 IKEA voucher.

Wotsit competition

Correct answer: Crotalus or Good Friday clapper

The following winners will receive a tea towel bundle by Amanda Loverseed, worth £20:

  • Miss Christmas, Warwick
  • Ms Siller, Edinburgh
  • Miss Trewitt, Ipswich
  • Mrs Trojanowska, Gloucester
  • Mrs Korczak, Norfolk.

Wild Guess competition

Correct answers:

  1. Tawny owl
  2. Ramsons (wild garlic)
  3. Linnet

The following winners will receive a copy of Bill Bailey's book, Remarkable Guide to British Birds:

  • Ms Roberts, Powys
  • Mrs Cartwright, Wolverhampton
  • Mrs Pell-Walpole, Dyfed
  • Mrs Gibbons, Dorset
  • K Stevens, Glasgow.

Beaten Tracks walks

Woman walking through the wood

Where will your next walk take you?

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