Centenary Wood for Northern Ireland

We will stand for those who served - will you stand with us?

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We urgently need your help to raise £700,000 to create a special First World War Centenary Wood in Northern Ireland.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. We are currently identifying four centenary woodland sites across the UK - one in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. Here, with your support, we will plant commemorative woodland in honour of all those involved in the war and the sacrifices they made.

Help us create Northern Ireland’s Centenary Wood

Northern Ireland’s flagship site has now been identified in the beautiful Faughan Valley, at Brackfield, County Londonderry.

River Faughan
Northern Ireland's Centenary Wood will
run alongside the River Faughan

Here, 21 hectares (53 acres) of grassland, stretching along the banks of the scenic River Faughan, is earmarked to become our Centenary Wood. With your support, we aim to plant up to 40,000 native trees and create carpets of striking poppies and other wildflowers. This will transform the land into a special place for people to enjoy and reflect.

The site nestles between three existing Woodland Trust woods. To the south lies Killaloo Wood, with its remnants of ancient woodland and carpets of bluebells. To the north are Oaks Wood and Burntollet Wood, both recently planted. By planting thousands of native trees we will link and bolster the existing woods, providing an extended haunt for the valley’s precious wildlife. New pathways will connect and offer access to over 10 miles of stunning woodland and riverside walks.

Be part of this very special commemoration project

We need to raise £700,000 to make this happen. Your donation will help with the wood’s creation and future management.

This is an ambitious project that will benefit people and wildlife for years to come, while remembering all those involved in the First World War in a beautiful and symbolic way. It truly is an amazing opportunity.

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  • Gillian


    Donated £ 10

    In memory of two family sons who went to war, one returned and the other didn't. In their past we owe our future.

  • Gill

    from LONDON

    Donated £ 20
  • Stephen


    Donated £ 10
  • Philip


    Donated £ 10

    Thank you to all both in the forces and at home for the sacrifices made.

  • Elizabeth

    from LISBURN

    Donated £ 50
  • Carol

    from BELFAST

    Donated £ 50

    Trees are the most important plant we can leave behind when we are gone

  • Alan


    Donated £ 50

    The old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori.

  • Victoria


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