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Nominate a tree and it could also win some Tree-LC

Now in its sixth year, our annual Tree of the Year competition calls for you to nominate your favourite tree. As well as the coveted Tree of the Year trophy, trees can win a care award of up to £1,000 for tree care products and services.

We want to share their amazing stories and raise awareness of our fantastic trees and how valuable they are.

Tree care awards

Tree care awards help to protect, support and celebrate your special tree. They can be used for a variety of activities, including:

  • tree surveys or professional management advice
  • work like pruning, fencing, mulching for root protection, and managing competing vegetation
  • interpretive or educational materials, signage or digital information to tell your tree's story
  • community engagement activities to help support and protect the tree.

Owners of the land these special trees grow on should already get funding and guidance for looking after them. Unfortunately, this often isn't the case. The award therefore helps to protect our oldest and most important trees for future generations - one of the Tree Charter's ten principles. The charter sets out the modern day relationship between people and trees and a vision for a future where we can be stronger together.

The care awards are possible thanks to players of the People’s Postcode Lottery which supports the competition again this year.

Preserving a special tree in the Lake District

We asked award winners from recent years about how they used their award.

In 2017, the competition celebrated The Courageous Tree - an ash at Coniston Water that inspired a Cumbrian woman to battle illness.

Cumbria's Courageous Tree received a care award after being nominated for Tree of the Year 2017 (Photo: WTML)
Cumbria's Courageous Tree received a care award after being nominated for Tree of the Year 2017 (Photo: WTML)

Alan Air, who worked on the Cumbria’s Top 50 Trees competition, says:

“The subsequent generous Woodland Trust Care Award enabled us to contract a tree surgeon to undertake specialist work to improve its condition and maximise its chances of long-term survival.

“With ash trees nationally under threat from disease, it is heartening that The Courageous Tree has been given this additional support.”

Helping new planting projects in London

Award money was also put to good use by the Deptford Folk. The park user group represents Deptford Park & Folkestone Gardens in south east London. It says:

“As a runner-up in the 2017 Tree Of The Year, we were able to galvanise a community behind John Evelyn's mulberry tree and launch a bigger project, called Evelyn200, to plant 200 trees in one of the most deprived areas of London.

“The award also enabled us to work with Lewisham Council to provide new limb supports for this 300 year old tree.”

John Evelyn’s mulberry tree in London won a care award in the 2017 Tree of the Year contest (Photo: Martin Smyth/WTML)
John Evelyn’s mulberry tree in London won a care award in the 2017 Tree of the Year contest (Photo: Martin Smyth/WTML)

Supporting ongoing care at Sherwood

Sherwood Forest Trust chose to spend the tree care award for the Parliament Oak on an arboricultural assessment. The last condition assessment was undertaken almost a decade ago. Depending on the outcomes, we will take on any work needed.  At the least, we will replace the terrain membrane and mulch around the base of this special tree.

The Parliament Oak in 1870 (Photo: Nottingham City Council)
The Parliament Oak in 1870 (Photo: Nottingham City Council)

Ian Major, community heritage landscape manager at The Sherwood Forest Trust, says:

“All trees are special but we have connection to trees that should be celebrated. The Tree of the Year awards are a great way for anyone to celebrate a tree that is special to them. Sherwood Forest has hundreds of ancient oaks, and many amazing trees, some with stories, others with special memories to the public. We nominated the Parliament Oak in 2017 and supported the Major Oak to a win in 2014.

“You get good support from the Woodland Trust and it helps the tree and your organisation become more visible. Even though the Parliament Oak didn’t win, this ancient oak benefited from a £500 care award.

“The money can be spent in many ways, at your discretion - a celebration or a survey for instance. The Sherwood Forest Trust wholeheartedly recommends that you nominate your favourite tree.”

Get involved

Nominations are open to any living tree in the UK with a story to tell, closing on 19 July. Shortlisted trees will then be put to the public to vote for a winner for each of the UK’s four nations. Those winners then go head to head for the accolade of UK Tree of the Year.

How could a care award help your favourite tree?

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