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Campaigns update: further success and new challenges

We’ve had another jam-packed month with some promising council decisions on ancient woods and trees. But with new issues arising regularly, there’s still a lot to be done.

Good news for veteran trees in Gloucestershire

At the end of March, Cheltenham Borough Council refused a re-submitted planning application for a housing development. The rejection was based on the damage to veteran oak trees on the site. Read more on how we saved veteran trees from the chop in Cheltenham.

Ammonia pollution prevented

In our February campaigns update on food production and climate change, we talked about the threat caused by some livestock farming where ammonia levels are particularly high. The ammonia report for the turkey farm in question stated that levels were more than 17 times the acceptable amount.

The poultry building we were concerned about has now been rejected on the grounds of these ammonia levels and the impact on ancient woodland.

A new challenge in North Yorkshire

The threats facing ancient woodland are unrelenting. North Yorks County Council has just begun a consultation on proposals to reduce traffic around Harrogate. Their suggestion? You guessed it: a possible new relief road – and it could run through the middle of our Bilton Beck & Rudding Bottoms site, one of our woods close to the Nidd Gorge and with areas of ancient woodland. We’re currently looking at our options and will keep you posted. 

Stunning Nidd Gorge is under threat from a potential relief road (Photo: Mark Sunderland/WTML)
Stunning Nidd Gorge is under threat from a potential relief road (Photo: Mark Sunderland/WTML)

Power line project raises concerns

In Scotland, we’re in discussions with Scottish Power Energy Networks relating to the overhead line reinforcement project between Kendoon and Tongland. This work raises a number of concerns for ancient woodland, so we’re working with them to identify where damage might be avoided.

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