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Discover a world without walls this winter

A new year.  Time for new beginnings, new resolutions and new ambitions. But it’s all too easy to let the January blues take hold and slip back into old habits. Short days, cold temperatures and miserable weather can make putting your feet up in front of the TV with a takeaway far more tempting than pounding the treadmill or counting calories to lose those Christmas pounds. Before you know it you’re settled on the sofa, cake in hand, and your early resolve is a distant memory.

So why not do something different this year?

This winter forget diets, gyms and exercise plans. Daylight might be limited at this time of year but you don’t have to be. Why not steer clear of the screens and spend more time outside? Put down that phone, turn off the television and head to the woods to discover a world without walls. There are endless possibilities to what you can achieve out there in the woods, either on your own or with friends and family.

Tread a new path, watch the wide winter skies and reconnect with nature

Wrap up warm, breathe fresh, clean air and keep moving – you’ll find new horizons, feel healthier and happier and enjoy a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

Time spent in woodland will rejuvenate you physically and mentally. You’ll have chance to think, to talk, to plan. You’re detoxing with every breath, burning calories with every minute, clearing your mind with every step.

Spending time in woods has both physical and mental health benefits (Photo: Alamy)
Spending time in woods has both physical and mental health benefits (Photo: Alamy)

Explore the natural world in a thousand woods

We’ve got 1,000 woods across the UK and they’re yours to explore whenever you choose.

Become a member today and you won’t just be doing something positive for yourself – you’ll also be helping make the UK a healthier and happier place with trees.

Your Woodland Trust membership will directly help us save the UK’s remaining ancient woodland, plant millions of trees every year and create havens for wildlife.

We’ve got 250,000 members who know how important trees and woodland are. Join them in standing up for trees, watch our animated video and let us inspire you to get out there and enjoy winter walks in the woods.

Choose from single adult, joint or family memberships and receive our very special membership pack as our thanks.

There’s a woodland walk out there for everyone. You just need to take that first step.

Start making a difference today

Become a member for as little as 13p a day