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Winter Broadleaf magazine out now

Neatly trussed in its festive wrapping, the winter edition of Broadleaf drops through our members’ letterboxes this week. It's stuffed full of glad tidings from the world of woods and wildlife.

Our bold new landscapes programme

This year we've taken a quantum leap forward in our ambitions for woodland conservation. As well as protecting individual woods and planting new ones, we’re zooming out to tackle the issues afflicting our countryside on a landscape scale. So for this issue’s cover feature, we look closely at how three new projects could transform the South Downs, the rainforests of Western Scotland and Northern Ireland’s Faughan Valley for good.

Tails of the riverbank

We welcome any steps to enhance our nation’s treescape. Surprisingly perhaps, that includes the reintroduction of the British beaver. These toothy labourers may not seem like a tree’s best friend, but evidence shows they have a hugely beneficial impact on wet woodland habitats, and they’re making a gradual comeback on rivers up and down the country. Alison Kirkman wades into the debate, and reveals where you might spot a scaly tail in England, Scotland and Wales. 

Also in this issue:

  • our roving reporter Fiona Collins goes on an orienteering crash-course
  • we celebrate the acquisition of a former coal mine in Derbyshire, soon to become our first ‘young people’s forest’
  • catch up with the indefatigable street-tree warriors of Sheffield
  • discover pioneering new plans to transform an entire swathe of mid-Wales for nature.

And if that’s not already enough to fill your Christmas stocking we answer some taxing questions:

  • Could the wildcat be reintroduced to England?
  • What links mulberries and eels?
  • Where is Gordon Buchanan’s favourite British wilderness?
  • And why does Kelly Brook love nettles?

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