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World Migratory Bird Day: do you know when these birds arrive?

In the UK, approximately half of our bird species are sedentary, meaning they stay here all year. The other half migrate.

This doesn't mean that half of our birds disappear to Africa for the winter. There are lots of different types of migration: some birds only visit for summer and some only for winter. Others may migrate in altitude rather than location and some simply migrate if they run out of food.

World migratory bird day on 13 October aims to help people recognise and appreciate migratory birds and highlight the urgent need for their conservation. 

Do you know which birds migrate and when to expect them?

Tell us when you first see them

Migratory bird activity is a useful clue to how climate change is affecting wildlife. Join thousands of Nature’s Calendar recorders across the UK and add to our dataset of nearly 3 million records.

By taking just a few minutes to share what you see on our interactive map, you'll be adding to hundreds of years' worth of important data for studies worldwide. We couldn't do this work without you!

Have you seen your first migratory bird of the year?

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