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UK Tree Charter Board: new team, fresh focus

The Tree Charter was originally developed with the expertise and input from a Professional Steering Group, made up of around 70 different organisations. Collectively, they agreed the 10 principles that establish the future for trees, woods and people.

From January 2018, a new UK Tree Charter Board will act as a more focused steering body.

Now the Tree Charter exists, it’s all about embedding the Principles into the fabric of society. That’s quite a grand aim!  The Board’s objectives are to identify the best pathways to achieving the principles, look at new and different funding opportunities for viable new activity and analyse the outside world in relation to woods and trees.

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The Board will also review progress towards achieving the objectives set out in the Tree Charter Principles, which will culminate in an annual Tree Charter Day, held on the final Saturday of November as part of supporting the Tree Council’s National Tree Week.

The organisations that make up the Tree Charter board are:
•  Black Environment Network
•  Common Ground
•  ConFor            
•  Landscape Institute
•  Llais y Goedwig          
•  National Union of Students
•  National Association of Local Councils          
•  Northern Ireland Environment Link
•  Royal Forestry Society           
•  Sylva Foundation
•  The Tree Council        
•  Centre for Sustainable Health Care
•  Woodland Trust        

Spreading the word

Judy Ling Wong CBE, President of Black Environment Network
“I look forward to working together to unlock the power of tree stories in driving actions for our beloved trees, especially with the diverse inspirational stories from our multicultural communities."

Jamie Agombar, Head of Sustainability, National Union of Students
"I’m delighted to be involved so we can ensure that students, and young people, find out about the Charter and help bring it to life through their actions."

Craig McGuicken, Chief Executive of Northern Ireland Environment Link
"I'm really pleased that we can all come together to look at ways to develop the work started in the Tree Charter. Northern Ireland has the lowest percentage of woodland cover in the British Isles, so this is a great opportunity for us to create new links and partnerships, and find new ways to advocate for the value of trees for everyone!"

Caroline Harrison, National Manager for England, Confor
“Promoting forestry and wood is delighted to be involved in moving the charter forward and helping to educate society about the many benefits that modern, mixed, productive forestry can deliver.”

Simon Lloyd, Chief Executive, Royal Forestry Society
“The RFS is delighted to be able to contribute to the Charter’s collective work to raise awareness and understanding of the vital importance of our trees and woods.”

Photo: G.Hemery
Photo: G.Hemery

The charter will not lose any of the other members from the Professional Steering Group, as a small group of Special Advisors has been created to work with Charter Branches and to act as Ambassadors, plus a wide network of Associate Partners will continue to engage in broader activity.

It took two years for the Magna Carta to weave its way into the rights and responsibilities laid out in the original Charter of the Forests, between people and trees. It’s taken 800 years for us to acknowledge the debt we owe to trees and to establish a new accord between us and them.

The Tree Charter is a new approach to ensuring the role trees and woods play in our lives could be more visible, and will be realized in both decision-making and practice across the homes, neighbourhoods, and the countries of the UK. We’re ready to make it happen! 

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