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Homemade gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and it’s a fantastic time to tell the people you love just how great they are and to do something creative for them.

Get crafty and show them you care by putting your time and effort into their gift. The key with a homemade present is to make it personal and show how well you know them. Here are some ideas for how to treat the ones you love the most.

Romantic walks and winter picnics

One of the best things you can give your loved one is quality time together. One of my favourite pastimes is to go out for a walk with my partner and explore the countryside. We can get away from technology and work-life stresses and just enjoy each other’s company. The best thing is, the UK countryside is an effortlessly romantic setting and you are never too far away from a stunning spot. Just wrap up warm and go out to explore and get away from it all with the one you love the most. Why not pack yourself a flask, some lunch and a blanket too! If you need some inspiration for where to go, check out our 9 wonderfully romantic walks.

Don't have time for a homemade gift?

Find something special in our Valentine's collection

Woodland offers a beautifully natural and romantic setting (Photo: WTML/ Niall Benvie)
Woodland offers a beautifully natural and romantic setting (Photo: WTML/ Niall Benvie)

Homemade dinner

A homemade dinner can be a wonderful gift. Try foraging to find some amazing delights out in nature. February is the perfect time to collect some wild garlic which can be used in all sorts of different dishes. It has a milder flavour than that of regular garlic and is perfect in soups or made into pesto for the perfect pesto pasta. Check out our simple recipe for wild garlic pesto.

See if you can find some wild garlic to transform your dishes (Photo: WTML)
See if you can find some wild garlic to transform your dishes (Photo: WTML)

Homemade sweets

If you’re after a sweeter treat, you can use wild sweet violets that bloom in February to make violet sugar. It's easy to do - just pick the petals from the flower and layer them in sugar in an air tight container. After a few days, sieve out the petals and use the sugar in cookies. You can even decorate your cookies with crystallized flowers and cut them into hearts for a deliciously sweet gift.

Fancy giving foraging a go? Check out our guide to find out what’s out and about.

Wildlife watching with homemade guides

Watching all the amazing wildlife we have in the UK can be really romantic. It can also be a fun thing to do while you’re out on a long walk. You could do a little bit of revision about the common tree species of the UK or download the free Woodland Trust Tree ID app to look up the leaves, fruits or bark you spot when you’re out and about.

Alternatively, if you don’t have time to make a gift, there's a gift for everyone in the Woodland Trust shop, from cufflinks and keyrings to an extra special dedication.

Romantic settings to enjoy together

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