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Sherwood Forest partnership to develop new roots

I am delighted to reveal that we are joining the RSPB and a number of other local partners to help shape the future of Sherwood Forest. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter for the forest with the foundation-laying for a new state of the art visitor centre.

The building will be a modern gateway to the forest which is packed with ancient trees, including the iconic Major Oak – thought to be around 1000 years old, as well as home to a wide variety of wildlife, from birds to rare insects.

It is part of an investment of more than £5 million to provide an excellent visitor experience and preserve the forest for generations to come.

Sherwood Forest's Major Oak (Photo: WTML/Phil Lockwood)
Sherwood Forest's Major Oak (Photo: WTML/Phil Lockwood)

As an 'associate partner' our job will revolve around helping produce the most effective messaging around the forest’s iconic oaks and the woodland in general within some of the interpretation elements of the new centre.

This will be designed to help visitors understand the huge importance of the woodland, as well as finding fun ways of connecting people to the wonderful nature of the forest.

The partnership will also include some collaboration on the management planning of the National Nature Reserve, using our huge expertise of managing ancient and veteran trees to explore the best ways to look after the forest’s unique cohort of ancient oaks.

We hope to continue to work with the RSPB and other partners on the wider Sherwood landscape, together with a wide variety of other expert organisations.

Sherwood Forest is the country’s most iconic area of woodland and to be involved in its care is a privilege for us. We are delighted to work with our colleagues at the RSPB to ensure the unique heritage of the site and huge value it provides as a wildlife habitat is both preserved and enhanced.

The Woodland Trust will be helping care for Sherwood Forest

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