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A journey through time at Plas Power woods

In conjunction with the award winning JAM Creative, we've brought new technology to ancient woodland with the launch of an exciting new app, made possible thanks to support from National Lottery Players.

Once downloaded, the augmented reality app is activated by markers located throughout the wood. A trail of markers will reveal clues to the past, modern day changes and the ancient features that make the woodland so special.

Welsh wizardry

The Welsh wizardry has been designed to demystify our drive to restore damaged ancient woods across the UK. It will highlight the important work of the Ancient Woodland Restoration (AWR) team, funded by Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). What’s more, the app is bilingual, in English and Welsh.

"It’s a wonderful way to bring our vital conservation work alive. It may seem ironic to some that we are encouraging people to look at their phones, rather than the woodland itself but this is a great way to get the message across to a new generation. With this app you can visit these woods, and have expert in your pocket who can give you a guided tour."

Katherine Owen, AWR Engagement Manager

One of the characters, a 1930s woodcutter, is portrayed by one of our real-life foresters, Adam Thorogood, he is seen chatting to his modern-day counterpart about our efforts to thin conifers at the site and revive the sun-dappled broadleaf habitat of old.

"I enjoyed being a movie star for a day...My character explains what we’re up to at Plas Power, giving people a better understanding of the process. Plus there’s lovely stuff about how our hardwood timber went to build ships and make gunpowder in times past."

Adam Thorogood, Woodland Trust Forester

JAM Creative recently won a ‘Best App’ award at the WalesOnline Digital Awards for our Follow the Fairies app.

Download the app! Search ‘Plas Power Augmented Reality Trail’ in the App store, for either IOS or Android