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Make Wales better with trees

Wales is on the cusp of a once in a generation moment to create a new agriculture and land use policy – let’s put trees at its heart!

We are asking Welsh Government to recast the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) into a Sustainable Land Use Policy - made in Wales. Up until now the CAP has failed to address the need for trees in the landscape to deliver key environmental, public and economic gains – largely trees have been overlooked.

As a result of these policies tree planting in Wales has fallen off a cliff. We are seeing the lowest tree planting levels in a generation, only 100 hectares were planted last year, showing the failures of Welsh Government to meet the already weakened aspiration of 2,000 hectares of new woodland per year until 2020.

We need action. Not words. It’s time to see more trees in our landscapes.

We are asking the National Assembly of Wales to urge Welsh Government to adjust the failed policies delivered under Glastir and to make a fresh start.

A new Sustainable Land Use Policy can derive the full benefits that trees and woods can offer:

  • Supporting agriculture by protecting soils and sheltering livestock
  • Reducing flood risk
  • Producing a sustainable supply of timber
  • Supporting wildlife
  • Protecting heritage
  • Protecting and improving the landscape

Imagining an alternative is possible where agriculture and trees can be mutually supportive; where ancient monuments to biodiversity are protected; and where public benefits of trees in the landscape are valued.

A future where Wales stands up for Sustainable Land Management is critical for the sustainable future for our countryside, towns and cities.

Tell the Welsh Assembly what you want from your future landscape. Sign the petition