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Nature's the business

Sharpening up on tree identification skills. Bread-making. Fire lighting. Orienteering. Tree-inspired fun and games.

A host of our business partners togged up for the outdoors and put their best feet forward for an inspirational and educational challenge event out in the woods.

The first we have run of its kind, the “Leaf Your Office” extravaganza was held at our beautiful and dramatic Nidd Gorge woodland in North Yorkshire with the aim to connect, inspire and educate our partners and prospective partners on the wonders of woodland. 

CNG and GVA were crowned champions of our "Leaf Your Office day". They will each receive a beautiful wood inscribed trophy.

There was an element of competitiveness to the day, with each organisation entering a team of five. The teams clocked up points over a series of tasks and games, from tree identification, building sandcastles, identifying animal skulls and poo, orienteering, fire lighting and a big tree game to understand the importance of trees for the UK.

The teams were suitably inspired by former Woodland Trust employee, turned nature guru, Tim Kirwin who led groups on a walk and in his own energetic, engaging fashion taught people about tree identification, tree disease and more.

Those taking part were: AXA, GVA, CNG, Nationwide, Wilko, MOTO in the Community, Premier Paper and Lakeland. Crowned champions were joint winners GVA and CNG who were presented with a trophy, designed by our in house creative team (due to the joint winners we are actually crafting a second trophy so each company can display their trophies with pride).

There are lots of benefits for us in holding events such as this with our partners and prospective partners –they help us cultivate relationships, they serve as a thank-you,  inspire attendees to value woods and trees, educate our partners so they can help to bring woods and trees to life for their staff.

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