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Buy new blue eggs and plant trees

A new range of eggs with beautiful shells of blue. From hens that are free to roam in a lush green environment. Where a penny from every dozen sold comes to us to plant trees.

This “eggciting” range of new pastel blue eggs is now on sale in Sainsbury’s.

Breakfast is always a colourful affair, especially when an egg is involved and now these eggs are making breakfast that bit brighter.

The shells may be blue but hailing from hens with a particularly nourishing diet, the yolks are larger and more golden than ever.

"We’ve been working with our supplier L. J. Fairburn’s & Sons for five years to make our Taste the Difference Egg range really distinctive. The unique British Blue® breed produces an amazing pastel blue shell egg with a larger, more golden yolk and a luxuriously rich taste. Eggs are a classic brunch component and I’m confident that these beautiful eggs will be really popular with customers."

James Curtis, Sainsbury’s egg buyer

"We’re delighted that Sainsbury’s has brought out this new range of colourful eggs. They may be blue but it is the green environment that's going to benefit from their sales. We hope people buy them so we can plant even more trees."

Penny Pulfrey, Corporate Partnerships Key Account Manager

These cracking eggs, as with all of Sainsbury’s woodland eggs, hail from chickens that live in environments which best mimic the natural wild environments of their wild ancestors.

The new blue egg packs feature our logo and donations from the packs help us plant trees (Photo: Sainsbury's)

The hens are free to roam among trees - in the wild they find comfort from trees, as they provide shelter and cover from predation.

The hens that lay these eggs, the British Blue® variety, have a specific diet, grazing and pecking through a healthy grain mix that includes maize and corn, along with extracts from brightly coloured flowers, like marigolds.    

It is because of the superior diet of these British Blues® that they produce a deeper, darker, more golden yolk that tastes richer. The breed also produces an egg with a larger yolk than standard eggs.

Where can I buy the blue eggs?

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference British Blue® eggs are now available to buy at 280 Sainsbury’s stores across the country and online, £1.85 for a pack of six. Part of the Taste the Difference range, they also carry our logo as 1p from every dozen goes to support our work. The donations are currently helping us to create a living tribute to all those involved in the First World War, in our First World War Centenary Woods Project.

More about our Sainsbury’s partnership

Sainsbury’s has supported us for over ten years, linked to donations from free range eggs, chicken and turkey. Since the partnership began, Sainsbury's has raised over £6 million which has funded the planting of over 2.7 million trees across the UK helping engage thousands of children to reconnect with nature.. They are the lead partner of our First World War Centenary Woods Project.

Support our First World War Centenary Woods Project