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Why do businesses want to plant?

More than 30,000 trees planted in locations across the UK. A host of businesses actively involved.

Another busy spring time tree planting season has swept by and once again scores of staff from our partners have donned their wellies and woollies, rolled up their sleeves, grabbed their shovels, splashed and sploshed through muddy fields - and joined us.

Why tree planting is so important

The benefits of planting trees are well documented – they help prevent water pollution, they provide oxygen, they clean the air and they

Our partners have helped us plant one million trees (Photo: Steven Kind/WTML)

Help from our partners

We are grateful for so many of our partners – from Sainsbury’s and players of People’s Postcode Lottery to IKEA FAMILY - for their financial support to help us plant.

But why do businesses want to physically help us plant and leave their warm offices for a wet and windy day out on a field?

Well, who better to ask than Dave Jones, Group Managing Director of one of our partners, Premier Paper, producers of the innovative carbon capture Woodland Trust Office Paper - where trees are planted to mitigate the carbon produced in its manufacture.

In the last tree planting season alone, staff from the company joined us to plant more than 6,000 trees. These tree planting days ranged from the rolling hills of Heartwood in Hertfordshire to the beautiful Bovey Wood in Devon. So tree planting is clearly in Premier’s blood.

Dave said:

“Tree planting is a great way to engage with customers and a tree planting event for Premier usually consists of 150 or so customers and staff coming together in a common cause – to help create beautiful native woodland for the benefit of wildlife and people.

"There is an overwhelming sense of achievement that you share with your customers when you look back at the end of the day and see the results of your labours. These shared experiences, shared achievements and shared values help to build good relationships. You could say that tree planting helps to grow business as well as trees”

Small beginnings can lead to great results (Photo: Phil Formby/WTML)

Tree planting and volunteering

Nationwide Building Society, another of our partners, is passionate about inspiring its members and colleagues to not just plant (during the last tree planting season it planted 14,700 trees - 7,500 trees at Heartwood, 3,200 trees at Glen Finglas in Scotland and 4,000 trees in the Faughan Valley), but it is keen on presenting them with volunteering opportunities too, with other essential woodland tasks - whether it be tree guard removal or fence building.

Lynn Forrester, Sustainability Manager at Nationwide, which is funding the planting of tens of thousands of trees through us and backing our Community Woodland project to inspire people to own and manage woods, said:

“As a mutual, run for the benefit of our members, we want to do the right thing in terms of building a sustainable business, and it’s great to see our members and colleagues getting involved to help create the new woodlands. This is part of our mission to help build society, nationwide.”

With thousands of saplings planted over the last month taking root, you can be sure when the next tree planting season comes along in November, once again we will be joined by our partners, donning woolly hats and gloves and getting out planting those trees.
Put simply, no matter what a business’s motive to plant is – the country and our countryside is clearly all the better for it.

A flavour of some of the spring time planting

  • CNG: 1,200 in Harrogate as part of the MOREwoods scheme
  • AXA: 2,300 at Heartwood
  • Nationwide Building Society: 14,700 trees, Heartwood, Glen Finglas
  • Premier Paper: 6,000 trees, Bovey and Heartwood
  • People’s Postcode Lottery: 1,200 Glen Finglas
  • GVA: 4,100, Heartwood, Rugby and Huby
  • Enterprise Rent-a-Car: Around 800 Glen Finglas
  • Konica Minolta: 800 Glen Finglas

Get your business involved in one of our tree planting schemes