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Osprey pair are getting to grips with parenting

It looks like our osprey pair, Louis and Aila, are both novices in their first year attempting to breed.

They haven’t done the best job with their first egg, leaving it unattended for hours at a time. Thankfully they seem to be settling down to be better parents for eggs number two and three.

One night while the first egg was unattended, a tawny owl came to check out the nest.

We don’t have high hopes the first egg will hatch. It hasn’t been kept warm.

Three days after it was laid Aila produced another and then a third three days after that. The birds are now much more settled into their parenting roles. Critically, they are keeping the eggs nice and warm.

Fingers crossed we will soon see some chicks hatching.

Aila calls to be fed as she sits on the egg.

Watch as our feathered soap opera starring Louis and Aila unfolds.

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