Art students turn wood into open-air gallery

For one week every year our wood at Lang Craigs, near Dumbarton, takes its place at the cutting edge of the contemporary art world when numerous pieces and performances of public art are installed by students from the world-renowned Glasgow School of Art.

Glasgow School of Art has produced most of Scotland's leading contemporary artists, including a third of Turner Prize nominees and four winners since 2005. This open-air gallery could be a great chance to see the next big thing before they're famous.

The students are set the task of producing site-specific public art. Works are often on an environmental theme or reflect the history of the location.

2017’s works include Robyn Anderson’s sculptures for sending messages out to sea. The tall tripods are topped with what the artist describes as "a mix between a wind sock and a microphone." When the wind blows, the viewer is invited to speak their message out to the Firth of Clyde. 

 Hannah Ward constructed a model of the planet Venus to be suspended in a small group of trees. Other pieces include small pottery items made from clay collected on site and wireframes shaped like houses positioned in the river.

Lang Craigs is always worth a visit but its annual stint as an art gallery only lasts a few days. The works will be on view until March 24.