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Stars urge people to turn their cards into trees

Please note the M&S Christmas card recycling scheme is no longer running. Find out how M&S continue to support us here.

Santa’s sleigh is stacked with presents. Woolly hats are well and truly dusted off.  Shops are bustling. And for us, it is of course Christmas card recycling season!

We’re delighted that five celebrities, X Factor’s Dermot O’ Leary, outdoor enthusiast TV’s Julia Bradbury, comedians Jo Brand and Hugh Dennis; and for the first time singer Cerys Matthews are sprinkling a spot of glitter on this year’s campaign.

They have pledged to back our annual bid to get the nation to recycle their cards at their local M&S.

“People ask me if I’m a dog or cat person - I say, plants all the way!"
Cerys Matthews, Singer

For every 1,000 cards dropped into M&S stores for recycling throughout January 2017, a new tree will be funded by M&S and planted by us in the UK.

It’s the first year, Cerys has backed the recycling scheme and she said:

"People ask me if I’m a dog or cat person - I say, plants all the way! Just look at the trees, and what they do for us, the oxygen we breathe, the insect, bird and animal life they sustain, they’re extraordinary! And you can help the Woodland Trust plant even more JUST by donating unwanted Christmas cards...

"Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and donate those old Christmas cards: together we’ll grow more oaks, more chestnuts, more elms..."

It’s 19 years since we started the scheme and since then a whopping half a billion cards have been collected and 245,000 trees planted by you!

It’s a scheme which has captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people, from choirs to community groups, bakers to bankers, the nation has been clubbing together collecting cart loads of cards.

M&S came on board in 2008 and began running the scheme in 2012 - with us still the benefactor.

Mike Barry, M&S’s Plan A Director said:

"Through our partnership with the Woodland Trust, the small action of dropping your cards into store after Christmas can help make a big difference in planting trees across the UK."

Cerys, Dermot, Julia, Jo and Hugh are on board

Get inspired - like Michael

Super supporter, Michael Main has backed our Christmas Card Recycling Scheme since 1998 - collecting sleigh loads of cards.

Led by an arsenal of advertising A boards, his collecting has risen and risen over the years - engaging a host of people from schools to businesses. In fact, last year his efforts even got recognised by former Prime Minister when he won an award for his volunteering achievements. This year, he is hoping for the biggest haul yet - enough to plant a wood!

Chester based Michael said:

"This year, I have managed to get five A boards which will be placed in three schools, a newsagent, churches and outside my home. My aim is to collect 100 bin bags full – that is about 100,000 cards – enough to plant 100 trees!"

"Trees have always been intrinsically linked with my life. I feel particularly sad when I see them cut down in my area and nothing been done to the replace them. This scheme is a way I can do my bit – and urge others – to ensure more trees are planted."

Help us collect even more cards

Perhaps you’re a school, business or community group who wants to rally folk to collect Christmas cards? Print out and use our handy poster to urge people to get behind the scheme.

Finding your nearest participating store

Christmas card recycling bins will be in place in most of M&S’s stores which sell clothing and food but unfortunately it cannot collect at all of its Simply Food stores due to their recycling systems. View the list of participating stores.

Bins will be in participating M&S stores from 2 January 2017

Please note the Christmas card recycling scheme will not be taking place for Christmas 2017. Find out more.