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Valiant verifier

13 years of volunteering

Brian Jones, a Woodland Trust volunteer from Ross-on-Wye, has been volunteering as a verifier for the Ancient Tree Hunt since 2003 and more recently as a tree health surveyor with the Observatree project. He is a dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer who spends an incredible amount of time surveying ancient and veteran trees for signs of Acute Oak Decline (AOD) and other diseases.

Brian is well known by the tree health scientists at Forest Research, specifically Dr Sandra Denman, head of the AOD research team, who is always very complimentary about the work that he does. The survey information and samples provided by Brian have been utilised by Forest Research to increase our understanding of AOD and the distribution of this decline across the UK.

Forest research

Over the last few weeks, Brian has been assisting the scientists at Forest Research with choosing test plots for further research on Acute Oak Decline along the western disease frontier. He has been advising Dr Sandra Denman on which sites to use and linking her up with private landowners in this area where he has been verifying ancient trees and recording sightings of AOD. Brian dedicates a huge amount of time to so many volunteer roles at the Woodland Trust, and he carries them out with such vigour. 

Conservation advisor and ancient tree specialist, Jill Butler said

“Brian is an exceptional Woodland Trust volunteer and it is great that he has taken the joint interest in ancient tree recording and tree health surveying.”

He is an exceptional ambassador for the various projects he is involved with, as well as for the cause that brings us all together.