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Watch our update from 2016's May board meeting

This the second of my video updates following our board meetings. May's in particular was very busy with fond farewells, warm welcomes and lots of important agreements being made.

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Please click and watch the video above, follow the links below to find out more and don't forget to let us know what you think.

Our Trustees

We, like every other UK charity, are governed by a group of trustees who make up the Board. Trustees are required to retire every four years and may offer themselves for reappointment for a further period of four years. Find out more about our Trustees.

Help us save Loch Arkaig

The Loch Arkaig appeal is going strong as, thanks to your generous support, we're set to raise the initial £500,000 needed to purchase and restore this precious piece of Caledonian pinewoods. But the job isn't over as there's still a lot of work to do on site. Stay tuned for some exciting new online experiences centred around Loch Arkaig and help us to save this precious landscape.

More woods across the UK

As well as expanding our estate of woodlands, we also spoke about how we manage our woods. From the just over 1,000 woods we currently own and manage, we hope to grow by more than 30% woods over the next 10 years. So in the future we hope to make it much easier to find a wood near you wherever you may live in the UK.

Tree disease & climate change

Trees and woods provide homes for wildlife, they give us clean air and water, food and fuel, and they are treasured by those who live near them. Sadly however, pollution, intensive land use, urban development and climate change are affecting them, and now there is an increasing threat from pests and diseases. Find out more about the threats to our natural landscape.

Please check back for more video updates and let us know your thoughts.