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Celebrating our volunteers on International Volunteer Day

Every year thousands of people, from all walks of life, give their precious time to volunteer for the Woodland Trust.

The valuable work carried out by volunteers covers a wide range of exciting activities and reaches into every area of the Trust. Their commitment and dedication has not gone unnoticed.

"My volunteering experience has left me feeling honoured to have contributed, valued, enthused to do more and deeply satisfied with the fulfilment of my wish to make a difference." John Bicknell, Partnership development volunteer

Inspiring others is a common theme. Volunteer leaders for local woodland working parties, guided wood walks, and woodland events are essential to encourage the local community to value their local wood. Our media volunteers and volunteer speakers help us get our messages out locally, last year speakers delivered 256 talks reaching around 13,000 people.

From super campaigners to threat detectors...

We receive invaluable help to protect our woods and trees. From helping to map, measure and record ancient trees, through to being an online Super campaigner or Threat detector keeping an eye on and responding to local planning developments, volunteers have this covered too!

A total of 1,043 UK woods have been under threat from development over the last ten years so these roles are becoming even more important.

Volunteer of the Year 2015 Award attendees
Find out more about our
Volunteer of the Year Award
attendees (Photo: WTML)

Volunteer mentors offer their skills, experience and expertise to support staff. Others work with us on vital roles in administration, projects, auditing and website development as well as volunteer internships which have become hugely popular in recent years allowing people to gain that vital experience when starting a new career.

Interns have carried out surveys of woodland to inform restoration programmes, audit site interpretation and created multi-media film to promote our messages to a wide variety of audiences.

Thank you

Volunteering is an essential part of what the Woodland Trust achieves so we’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our volunteers for their hard work over the last year. They bring with them such enthusiasm talent and experience to every area of our organisation.

Without our volunteers we simply could not do so much of what we do.