Turn your Christmas cards into trees

This Christmas, Dermot O’Leary is calling for you to recycle your Christmas cards to help plant thousands of trees across the UK.

For every 1,000 cards dropped in to Marks and Spencer stores for recycling throughout January, a new tree will be planted in the UK.

"When Christmas is over, pop to your local M&S where you can recycle all your unwanted Christmas cards - and the Woodland Trust will be able to plant thousands of trees as a result.” Dermot O'Leary

Last year more than 8 million cards were collected, enabling us to plant more than 8,000 trees throughout the UK. With such fantastic results last year we are aiming even even higher this year - we hope to collect and recycle 10 million Christmas cards. This will mean we can plant 10,000 trees, creating homes for treasured wildlife such as dormice and red squirrels.

The UK is 34,000 trees richer thanks to the public's efforts over the past five years that this scheme has been running. The more cards collected, the more trees we can plant so please join in and drop your cards off at M&S. Look out for the special card collection bins in M&S stores in the UK from 2 January to 31 January 2015.

Christmas card recycling scheme supporter
Muriel Finnigan, Christmas card recycling scheme supporter says:

"Christmas is a family time and encourages us to think about the future and what legacy we are leaving. I’ve been telling everyone - recycle at M&S this January! Let’s see how many trees we can plant."

Find your local M&S store

Recycle your Christmas cards by dropping them off in M&S stores from 2 to 31 January 2015